New Classic Solutions!

License Software

Software License Managers choose our solutions to enhance customer service with a 24x7 school-branded WebStore, while reducing operating costs for support, license compliance and financial management.


Translation Services

We offer more than 150 language translation services worldwide.We are a multilingual translation company which expertises in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugal, Hindi, Marathi & Dutch language translation


Astrological Services

Astrology from India provides horoscopes, tarot readings,Kundali Making,Numerology,Match Making,Vastu Shastra,Infornation of Yantras & Gem Stones. Kundali or Horoscope helps to understand life.


Database Provider

Most translation companies prefer to keep information about their translators in their own database, and only in extreme situations do they approach a third-party board such as New Classic Solution.


Website & SEO Services

From big corporate to small scale industries, it is imperative to have high ranking website listing in search engine. We provides complete search engine placement services.We have complete website marketing and positioning solution for you.


Tours & Travels

We have established ourselves as travel agency with both interesting inbound and outbound tour itineraries. We organize various quality travel arrangements like escorted tours, incentive travel, and discounted Bus,Airways,Railway bookings in India.



Why Choose Us!

The fast changing technology & business conditions underline the need for a partner who not only provides IT services but also the right guidance and also ensure smooth implementation. A partner who has the necessary depth of knowledge and skills: and most importantly a partner who responds to all your call promptly. We provide services like online database,Translation Services,Astrological Services,Tours & Travel service, SEO & Website Development and many other which will help you to gro your bussiness.



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